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 To be certified to work with laboratory animals at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, all faculty, staff, and students are required to take the IACUC Animal Handler's Exam. The exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. The exam is not timed, however, each page does time out after 30 minutes so be sure to save your responses as you go along. Good luck!   

  IACUC Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater recognizes the scientific and ethical responsibility for the humane care and use of animals involved in research and education and enjoins all individuals involved to the highest standards of care and consideration. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), as agent for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s obligations for humane care and use of animals, shall: 1) Assure all activities (involving animals) meet the ethical and legal requirements for the humane care and use of animal; 2) Maintain and promote an open and cooperative relationship with investigators and faculty/staff, and the greater university community; 3) Educate the University community concerning the ethical and regulatory considerations for the humane care of animals; and 4) Consider it a moral and ethical obligation to educate our community, both internal and external, on the importance of animals for research and teaching. To access the complete IACUC Policy and Procedures please visit:




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